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Free Rainbow Chart (and CAL)

Hi goats, thanks for joining in on the CAL last week. Or if you're still planning to make the heart, welcome! I'd love to see what colors you choose, so be sure to tag me on Instagram.

This time, I have something more complicated for us.

Pixel art of rainbow lips inside a pink border.

Read on for the charts (I included one both with and without symbols). This piece was inspired by a larger chart I did for my Etsy store, Thirst Pixels. It's called Prismatic Galaxy, and you can see it here (includes artistic nudity). That piece is drawn with rainbow on a black background, so I may change the background of this chart, but for now I've kept it white. I encourage you to play around and do whatever you'd like with the colors, though. You don't even need the border--it's just a placeholder, and gives me an excuse to include the color pink.

When is the CAL? Well, any time you like, but I'll be walking you through the chart during my Saturday live (on YouTube) on July 15th, at 11 AM Pacific time. That isn't this Saturday, but next Saturday, because I had to take this week off for personal reasons. I figure that gives us all more time to gather any colors we'd like to use for the chart. And if you're interested in the yarn I'll be using, keep an eye out for some mini skein kits I'll be putting on my website.

Chart Time!

Colors Only:

Crochet chart of rainbow lips inside a pink border.

Colors and Symbols:

Crochet chart of rainbow lips inside a pink border.

By the way, here's a short key for the symbols, in case you have trouble differentiating colors.

Leaf: Red

Diamond: Orange

Drumstick: Yellow

Triangle: Green

Starburst: Blue

Sideways Hourglass: Purple

Heart: Pink

No Symbol: White (or Background Color outside the lips, and Highlight Color inside the lips)

Have fun stash-diving!

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