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Happy Halloween! (Small Update)

Hi goats, Happy Month of Halloween!

I've noticed a problem with the Goodbye Pleiades sale incorrectly displaying on some products, so have taken it down for now. But until November 1st, I have a site-wide discount running, so now is a great time to get yourself some yarn if you've been wanting to. I also have more tiny goat stickers, and you'll get one for free with each skein or miniskein set you buy. Thanks for your support and happy spooky season!

A close-up of Thorn wearing a wreath of ivy and crocheted flowering vines, holding a Beanie Baby goat who's wrapped in a hank of hand-dyed yarn.

P.S. This is Banros and me in our respective Halloween costumes. I'm going as as one of my new pagan boos, Dionysus. And Banros is going as...yarn! That skein wasn't dyed by me, but it's gorgeous and I'm proud of Banros for this excellent costume idea.

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