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New Stickers and First Sale

Hi goats! It's been a while--thanks for your patience and support while I took care of my first in-person event! (It went well.) Here's a picture of my table, and a close up of Banros watching over the yarn. One of my friends snuck that sparkly black ruffle-scarf onto him while I wasn't looking! I still haven't found out who it was, but I appreciate their thoughtfulness.

A Beanie Baby goat sitting on a vendor table covered in crocheted items and stickers.

A vendor table covered in hand-dyed yarn and crocheted blankets.

It turns out I have a lot of overstock from that event, mainly consisting of yarn dyed onto the Pleiades Original and Pleiades Eco bases from Vegan Yarn. I really enjoyed working with that base, but I'm transitioning to other (still plant-based) bases now, so I want to send off all my Pleiades yarn with the Goodbye Pleiades Sale, for 20% off. Over the next couple weeks, expect to see more of my Pleiades yarn make its way onto the site (I have quite a lot).

In addition, did you know I make stickers now? I'm just beginning to figure out the logistics, so right now the best way to get my new, "Hello Tiny Goat" sticker is to buy my yarn, because each skein gets you one (1) free sticker. For our purposes, any miniskein sets count as a full skein.

A Beanie Baby goat sitting behind a bag of stickers that portray a small pixel art goat saying "hello."
hello. This is my portrait. Me for scale.

Thanks for reading! Check out what I'm doing day to day on Instagram (for tiny goat adventures) or YouTube (for yarn dyeing videos and chats about pagan crochet).

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