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New Yarn and a Learning Curve

Hi goats, you may have noticed I uploaded a bunch more yarn yesterday, including full worsted weight skeins! Yay!

I want to take a moment to celebrate the work that took (I can be way too hard on myself sometimes). But also, last night I learned that I'd been using the lightbox incorrectly, which might explain why I've struggled so much with getting the product photos to look decent.

So the next few days, expect to see new pictures going up for all the yarn as I try to learn the Mysteries of the Box of Light (as Banros calls it). And if you want to snag some yarn in the mean time, I'm happy to send you pictures of any skeins in natural light (my email is Or you can check my Instagram for more yarn pics as well as tiny goat adventures.

Pictured: Banros and the mysterious Box of Light

A Beanie Baby goat sitting on top of several skeins of hand-dyed yarn, in a lightbox.

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