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Pride Batch 2 is here!

Ok before I go on, THANK YOU to everyone for your support! It really means a lot. Okay, now time for yarn.

This time we have two skeins each of Devil May Bi, Trans Dancing Unicorns, and Queer Magic. Check them out on the product page, or let Banros helpfully show perform a product demonstration.

A Beanie Baby goat sits on top of three hanks of yarn.

(Thank you, Banros.)

I'm already close to finishing the next batch of pride yarn, which includes colorways inspired by the asexual and nonbinary pride flags, as well as two more skeins of Pan Dyed Pride. In addition, the mini goat rainbows are coming back, so be on the lookout for that!

Don't see your pride flag listed? Let me know so I can include it in my next dye session!

In the meantime, come hang out with me on Youtube or Instagram, where I post more frequent updates about my yarn (and the adventures of my tiny goats)!

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