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Yarn Incoming!

Hi Goats! Thank you so much for all your support since the website launched! I have been working hard on dyeing more yarn for y'all, and I hope to have it up soon! Let's set a release date of this Friday (April 21) and if anything changes I'll let you know.

But anyway, I am so excited for all this new yarn. Of course I dyed more Red Champion, and we have some new ice cream pastels as well as deep goth-y hues. So, the full range! And it just about fits in my new shelves! I had snapped a pic of the new shelving, but the lighting isn't great and wasn't improved by my attempts to edit it, so I'll leave it to your imagination for now.

I do have something to show though! I had my first opportunity to wind up and work with my own yarn, with a one-off (for now) skein I'm calling Dragonfly.

And what am I making with it? ...Dragonfly lace! I couldn't find a pattern but I'm winging it (haha) based off an image of this project by @deecrochet3 on Instagram. This will be my April Square for the AltKnots Stitch and Scream crochet-along blanket. (It's not the official stitch, but my brain demands complicated lace.)

I love the way the colors turned into a muted mossy rainbow! And this yarn is so fun and easy to crochet (if I do say so myself)! I'm super happy I got to finally try it out.

Thanks for reading, and see you Friday! (But until then, come hangout with me at @thorn_wing_crochet on Instagram or Thorn Wing Crochet on YouTube).

It's time to goat! Goatbye!

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